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Norton GoBack 3.5.174

Norton Goback 3.5 is a windows-based disc recovery tool
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Symantec Corporation

Norton Goback 3.5 is a windows-based disc recovery tool. Having Goback installed is like waking up on the same day every single morning. Everything looks the same, feels the same, and works the same. There is no way you can change anything, and that, I guess, is a good thing. What this application does is detect the moments where the user is not doing anything on the computer and record what the computer looked like at that point. It will create markers for all your files, and keep a history of changes. It somehow works like Microsoft's system restore, but this is a much more solution, since it actually saves up to 8 gigabytes of file changes. The user, at any time, can choose one of the instances the program "remembers" and restore the whole operative system back to that moment. Norton GoBack is no longer being sold separately, but is bundled in Norton Systemworks. All in all, this is a great backup solution, but not for the regular user. They should look to buy a simpler back up solution.

José Fernández
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  • It backs up 8 gigabytes worth of changes
  • Great memory
  • Stable and secure


  • It isn't sold separately and $99 is a little too much for this
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